ABC Fire Extinguisher Malaysia

If you are looking for the ultimate extinguisher in Malaysia, you need to get an ABC fire extinguisher.
This extinguisher is abc fire extinguisher malaysiathe most versatile type of fire extinguisher. This type of extinguisher is designed to handle the three primary types of fires.

It is a must both in homes and businesses to place fire extinguishers throughout the building for safety. Keep reading to learn more about ABC fire extinguishers and why you need them in homes and offices in Malaysia.

Multi-Purpose for the Win

When it comes to fire extinguishers, there is no better choice for fire safety than the ABC fire extinguisher. In the vast majority of circumstances, the fires that occur are either A, B or C types of fires. The A-category fire is a run-of-the-mill fire burning ordinary materials like cloth, paper and wood. A category-B fire is a fire that is burning flammable liquids, including things like paint, gasoline and alcohol.

These are violent fires due to the extreme combustibility of flammable liquids. C-category fires are the highly dangerous electrical fires. Because water and electricity don’t mix, having a dry powder ABC extinguisher is a must to safely extinguish category-C fires.

How do ABC Fire Extinguisher Work

Because they can put out all the major types of fires, an ABC fire extinguisher using dry powder is the ultimate selection to protect your home or business. Just as in human beings, fires need to breathe oxygen in order to survive. If you cut of the oxygen source completely, a fire will instantly be put out. This is the principle behind dry powder fire extinguishers.

abc fire extinguisher malaysiaPacked chock full of ammonium phosphate and aluminum sulfate powder, a dry powder extinguisher has the perfect ingredients to suppress fires.

When the ammonium phosphate and aluminum sulfate particles are ejected with massive force from the extinguisher, they fuse together to form an airtight barrier that completely chokes off the oxygen from a fire.

An ABC fire extinguisher can take down all the major kinds of fires that will occur in homes and businesses. Whether it is a grease fire spreading in the kitchen, a desk burning in a bedroom or paint cans ablaze in the garage, an ABC dry powder fire extinguisher can handle them all in a flash.

Where to Place Fire Extinguishers

It is a smart move to protect your home or business with fire extinguishers. However, just buying the extinguishers is not enough. You need to place them in the right spots so that they provide maximum fire safety. One of the first places to place fire extinguishers is near any cooking areas.

You never know when a kitchen fire will need to be extinguished. It is also a good idea to place a fire extinguisher in the garage if you have gasoline, paint or other combustible materials stored there. It is also wise to keep an extinguisher on every level of the building. The extinguishers should always be placed so that they can be accessed easily in an emergency. For vehicles, you will need to use a car type fire extinguisher.

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