Car Fire Extinguisher Malaysia

A car fire extinguisher in Malaysia should be a primary consideration in any automotive kit due to high automotive accidents we have. Although our cars are manufactured with safety in mind, they are composed of combustible materials like fabric and plastics, in addition to a tank of fuel and a variety of electrical parts – all potential contributors to a dangerous fire.

Having a reliable fire extinguisher on hand will help you to quickly put out the fire and save your car from excessive damage – or you and your passengers from painful burns.

What Kind of Fire Extinguisher Should I Keep in My Car?car fire extinguisher malaysia

The different components of a car represent several types of fire hazard: oil, fuel, electrical, and plastic. The type of car fire extinguisher you buy should be able to deal with all these kinds of fires. The best choice for a car is a dry powdered fire retardant.

Since all fires require oxygen to burn, the dry powder will smother flames from fuel, electrical shorts, and flammable materials such as upholstery, paper, rubber, or similar items that are part of your car or may be carried within it.



What’s the Right Size Extinguisher for a Car?

Fire extinguishers are categorized by the type of fire retardant they contain, but also by weight of contents. There are a number of models specially designed for personal automobiles. These are normally 1 kilogram (2 pound) weight that are small and portable enough to store conveniently out of the way and be easily handled should an emergency arise. Commercial vans and trucks are typically required by law to carry a fire extinguisher, but these tend to be larger, around 5 pounds, and may take up too much room in a car.

Properties of a Good Car Fire Extinguishercar fire extinguisher malaysia

Buying a quality fire extinguisher to keep on hand for safety is not so easy as there are many types of fire extinguisher available. Here are some of the characteristics you should look for:

  • Correct shape – an elongated cylinder is the most practical to store and use.
  • Smaller size – 2 pounds or less should be sufficient for most cars.
  •  Durable construction – aluminum is preferred in that it’s strong and light and highly resistant to corrosion. It should also have a durable trigger that won’t stick or break when you need it most.
  • Easy to service – can be refilled by any fire services company
  • Already filled and ready for use.
  • Comes with storage clip or mount – this will help to secure it in a single spot where it’s easy to find, as well as keep it secure and not rolling loose in the car.
  • Certified – meets the standards of your local fire regulations.
  • Warranty – includes a manufacturer’s warranty in case of faulty parts.

Keep your car fire extinguisher serviced the same way you would any important component of your car. Even if it hasn’t been used, take it to a Malaysian extinguisher service company once or twice a year to have it inspected and recharged if necessary.

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