Carbon Monoxide Detector Malaysia

While smoke detectors are more common, carbon monoxide detectors are equally important for homes and offices in Malaysia. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly, odorless, tasteless, colorless gas, and human beings have no way to sense it other than a properly installed carbon monoxide detector.

The types of carbon monoxide monitors are determined by whether they detect only carbon monoxide or whether they also function as smoke detectors, their power source, and the type of display they have. Also consider local Malaysia government requirements when choosing a detector.

Power Sources for Carbon Monoxide Detector

carbon monoxide detector malaysiaCarbon monoxide detector may be hard-wired into the electrical wiring, plug into an electrical outlet, or operate on batteries.

Hard-wired carbon monoxide monitors must be installed by a professional, but they can link to each other either wireless or through wiring that may be present in new buildings.

Plugin monitors are the easiest to install but the least likely to detect the gas. Carbon monoxide tends to rise while most electrical outlets are near the floor.

Carbon monoxide monitors that use electrical power fail during power outages unless they have a battery-operated source of backup power.

However, hard-wired detectors should have a built-in power-cell, and you can purchase power backups for some plug-in detectors. Battery operated carbon monoxide monitors install as easily as battery operated smoke detectors and continue to function during power outages.

Displaycarbon monoxide detector malaysia

Digital displays show the carbon monoxide level in parts per million (ppm). Some show a continuous, ticker-like readout of the current carbon monoxide levels in your home, while some show the peak levels of carbon monoxide recorded within a given range of time or since the monitor was last reset.

They can also show the remaining battery life and the remaining operating life of the monitor.

Alert Signals 

Carbon monoxide monitors should sound an alert before levels reach 70 ppm. However, levels as low as 30 ppm can harm children, pregnant women, and those with heart problems.

Some monitors sound a tone while others play a voice message. If the monitor functions as a combined smoke and carbon monoxide monitor, the voice messsage will indicate whether it has detected carbon monoxide or smoke. If the monitor is linked to other monitors, a voice message will give the location of the monitor that detected the threat.


Install at least one carbon monoxide monitor on every level of your home. Place plugin monitors in outlets that are clear of curtains and furniture. Place monitors with digital displays at eye level, but place other monitors high on a wall or on the ceiling at least four inches away from where the wall meets the ceiling. Avoid placing them near heat sources and sources that disturb air flow such as vents, ceiling fans, and air conditioners.

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