CO2 Fire Extinguisher Malaysia

Looking for a CO2 fire extinguisher for fighting flammable liquids or gas fires? We have a full selection of rated and certified, high-performance fire extinguishers in Malaysia to suit your purposes. Fire extinguishers are the best and fastest first response to a localized fire. It is crucial to have the correct fire extinguisher for the type of fire in order to be effective.

Fire Extinguishers Are Rated for Fire Typesco2 fire extinguisher malaysia

Fighting fires relies upon understanding the type of fuel that is burning. It follows that fire extinguishers are loaded with the type of retardant best suited to extinguish the fuel that is feeding the fire.

Fires are classified as follows:

• A – Flammable solids – ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth, cardboard, paper, trash or plastics.

• B – Flammable liquids – such as gasoline, petroleum, oil, paint, paraffin, spirits or solvents.

• C – Flammable gasses – including propane, butane, pentane, methane or ammonia.

• D – Combustible metals – may include sodium, lithium, titanium, aluminum or magnesium.

• E – Electrical – such as televisions, microwave ovens, toasters, computers, sockets and more.

• K – Kitchen fires – resulting from grease or cooking oils, deep fat fryers and animal or vegetable fats.

The type of fire extinguisher is best placed on the wall in the room where elements that are used correspond with the firefighting capability of each unit. The size of the room area determines how many extinguishers of a given type you will need for that space.

Each Fire Extinguisher has a Specific Purpose

A carbon dioxide or CO2 fire extinguisher is non-conductive and rated for fighting flammable liquids and gasses. While some types of fire extinguishers can be used on more than one type of fire, others have warnings restricting their use if the extinguishing agent could become a conductive agent. For example, using water to fight an electrical fire presents the risk of electrical shock to the firefighter.

Characteristics of a co2 fire extinguisher 2 CO2 Fire Extinguisher

A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is easily identifiable by the absence of a pressure gauge and a hard horn for delivering the agent under great pressure.

The agent is so cold coming out of the unit that you may end up with bits of dry ice shooting out of the horn.

The cold is good for fighting type B and C fires because it quickly cools down the fuel feeding the fire. The co2 also works by displacing the oxygen that feeds a fire.

This CO2 fire extinguisher may be far less effective against a Type A fire as it cannot displace enough oxygen efficiently to extinguish the flames.

When you are able to respond to a localized flammable liquid or gas fire while it is still small, CO2 fire extinguishers can do a lot to prevent a potential disaster. You will typically see a CO2 fire extinguisher in such environments as laboratories, kitchens, mechanical rooms or chemical storage areas.

All of our fire extinguishers are CE, UL, Global-Mark, Kitemark and Marine certified. In addition to our high-performance fire extinguishers, all the fire fighting equipment we provide in Malaysia improves the overall safety of your buildings or premises.

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