Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Malaysia

If you own property or manage a business, then you need to protect your investment against risks such as fires. Fires are among the most common hazards affecting businesses so taking precaution is a great idea. Depending on your operations and needs, you should buy and install a fire extinguisher of choice such as the dry powder fire extinguisher. We stock the dry powder fire extinguisher for homes and offices in Malaysia. It is one of the most efficient and reliable fire extinguishers available today.

We are the leading provider and supplier of quality fire extinguishers. We have been providing businesses and organizations with quality fire extinguishers for many years. You will love the dry powder fire extinguisher. We offer advice on technical fire fighting methods including planning.

We offer a recommendation based on the situation, budget and other technical consideration. First, we let our customers know different type of fire and how to extinguish each.

Different types of fire extinguishersdry powder fire extinguisher malaysia

There are many various types of fire extinguishers in the market. They are used to put out different kinds of fires depending on the cause. Fires are classified as Class A, B and C while extinguishers are divided into different categories which are;

• Water
CO2 gas
• Foam
• Wet chemical
• Dry powder
• Water mist

The water based extinguishers are only useful for putting out fires on carbon-based materials such as paper, wood, clothing material and so on.

Foam extinguishers are ideal for putting out fires caused by flammable liquids such as petroleum, gasoline and so on.

Fires due to computers are best put out using CO2 based extinguishers.

dry powder fire extinguisher malaysiaThe dry powder fire extinguisher

It is the most versatile extinguisher. It is widely used in putting out most types of fires. Dry powder extinguishers are used to put out fires involving;

• Flammable liquids
• Burning materials like wood or paper
• Electrical fires

If your business is in the manufacturing, processing or the food sector, then you should get this very reliable fire extinguisher and keep it handy just in case a fire breaks out. We recommend that even with the best fire fighting device, always invest in preventive methods because once a fire starts, loss and disruption are inevitable.

Learn how to use the fire extinguishers

Once you make the wise decision to purchase one of our quality fire extinguishers, you should teach your staff and others how to use. While pinning instructions next to the extinguisher is commendable, it is insufficient on its own. You should get a Fire Marshall and have him or her conduct fire safety lessons on how to use the dry fire powder extinguisher and what to do in the event of an emergency. Regular fire drills are highly encouraged.

Buy from the best

We organize demonstrations, and fire fighting training and regular equipment maintenance in Malaysia. Many business owners and individuals just like you have purchased the equipment from us and are very pleased with the extinguishers. Get one for your business today and secure your business and investment for peace of mind.

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