Dry Riser System Malaysia

A dry riser system in Malaysia is a fire fighting system consisting of a normally empty pipe, which can be connected externally to a pressurized water source by firefighters. The main component is a vertical pipe which can distribute water to multiple levels of a structure for fire suppression. At each level there are outlet valves for water use.

Dry vs Wet Riserdry riser system malaysia

Many buildings in Malaysia have a “wet riser system” which is similar except that the main pipe is always full of water pressurized by a pump attached to it.

Wet risers normally have a water supply based on a holding tank fed by municipal water mains.

Dry risers are used for lower buildings where normal water pressures won’t be adequate, especially in cold environments where there’s a danger a water-filled pipe could freeze and fracture.

Dry risers have to have an inlet valve to allow access by fire crews using their own pumps. Malaysian building codes require that a dry riser pipe in occupied buildings has to be installed within a fire-resistant shaft, which is usually also serving as one of the structure’s fire escape stairwell enclosures.

Dry Riser System Design

The general term “dry riser” might refer to a vertical water main, or standpipe, intended to provide water to fire hose connections at outlet valves, or to the main pipe in a dry pipe sprinkler system.

A standpipe will have a connection at ground level so that water can be pumped into the system by a fire fighting crew’s fire engine pumps, with fire hose attachments at each floor. A dry pipe sprinkler system is a vertical line connected to the piping of a sprinkler system installed on each floor.

Dry sprinkler systems are usually filled with air until a fire detector is activated and the sprinkler system is triggered.

A dry riser system can be seen as a kind of internal hydrant for fire fighter use, and is generally required by regulations in buildings between 18 and 30 meters above ground level. The system is normally empty and dry until a fire engine pump is attached and water pressurizes the dry riser pipe.

dry riser system malaysiaWater Supply

The most critical aspect to keep in mind with a dry riser system is that it typically has a limited water supply. This is something that should be considered in design phase along with several other factors to ensure adequate water flow:

1. A permanent water supply on a separate line
2. The diameter of the dry riser.
3. The height to which water must be pumped.
4. Diameter and length of hoses
5. Piping branch type


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