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If you’re looking to purchase durable and reliable commercial or residential fire alarm control panel in Malaysia, you can count on our reputable business without hesitation.

We’re equipped with a large selection of first-rate products and supplies. When you need fire fighting equipment, you can turn to us with full confidence and ease.

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Panel Background Information

A fire alarm control panel, in short, is a fire alarm systems’ controlling element. It is provided with data that comes from sensors in the environment.

These sensors aim to pick up on shifts that are linked to fire. These control panels can make highly effective safety measures. They can come in handy for people who have a wide range of different vocations.

These include facility supervisors, engineers and architects. If you’re looking for a dependable control panel that can provide you with invaluable details that can get your facility ready for the possibility of a fire, this type of product may be essential for you.

It also frequently provide electrical energy that is necessary for the running of any linked relays, transmitters, controls or sensors.

Varieties of Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire alarm control panels exist in four different categories. These broad categories are conventional, coded, multiplex system and addressable panels.

If you’re looking for a fire alarm control panel and want to know which exact kind should accommodate all of your needs and requirements best; reach out to our company as soon as possible and our pleasant and knowledgeable professionals will help you make the most suitable and intelligent choice possible.

fire alarm control panel malaysiaThe Value of First-Rate Fire Protection

We understand the immense value of first-rate fire protection here at our company. That’s why our goal is to give the public access to the most trustworthy, efficient and effective firefighting products around.

If you’re looking to put together a solid fire protection system, you can count on our equipment and large selection without a problem.

We can help you with all different types of fire protection equipment.

Examples include intercom systems, extinguisher cabinets, hydrants, hose reels, sprinklers, fire extinguishers and more. If you want to invest in an exemplary fire protection system, we can talk to you about all of your fire alarm control panel choices.

We can talk to you about all of your choices in detectors, alarm bells, key boxes, sounders, pumps, manual key switches and electromagnetic door holders as well. If you want accurate fire protection advice from seasoned professionals who truly care, there’s no better option than to reach out to our company.

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