Fire Blanket Malaysia

A fire blanket for commercial and residential areas in Malaysia is one of the most effective and easy to apply applications for a dangerous blanket malaysia

Imagine the fire on the stove or on your grill in the yard suddenly growing large. Grab the blanket and toss it over the flame and those flames die.

Imagine coming across a raging camp fire. Grab the blanket and toss it over the flame and those flames die.

Imagine the worst of situations: an out of control fire in the home. You’ve probably heard stories about entrapped people soaking themselves or drenching a blanket.

If the situation is bad, instead of having to stop and do any of that, grab your fire blankets, wrap them around you and your loved ones, and get out of there.

Fire Blanket Enhance Chances of Survival

For a lot of situations and people, a fire blanket may be a better solution than a fire extinguisher. These blankets are engineered from fire resistant materials like fiberglass and wool.

There are also products designed with chemicals that increase their ability to put out a fire. These are elements that can deprive a fire of its oxygen, smothering it out of existence.

What the Product Does

Professionally, the model for fire is based on the fire triangle. The triangle contains the three elements you need for a fire: heat, fuel and oxygen (the oxidizing agent). Fires are possible when these elements are present and mixed.

The prevention of fire is greatly decreased when any one of the triangle elements are removed, even after the fire has started. This is where a fire blanket comes in. It removes the oxidizing agent – the oxygen – giving the fire no place to go. Hence, it is quickly extinguished.

The blanket has to stay on the surface until the area has completely cooled down. This is an excellent tool to have if you barbecue or camp.

fire blanket malaysiaMaximize Your Safety Plan

Another great use for fire blankets is protecting the human body, basically insulating yourself from a fire. These products are fire department-approved devices for acting as temporary shields when you need to exit a fire.

The blanket reduces exposure to heat and minimizes the chances of getting burned or injured.

The blanket is designed to cover the entire human body. Each of these blankets are carefully treated with fire resistant materials, including chemicals that prevent it from catching fire.

A fire blanket can also be used as a standard blanket for warmth. It is advised when using fire blankets, they should only be utilized for the period needed to get out of or to stop a fire. It is strongly advised that the blanket never be used to enter a fire.

While these blankets can be essential to an overall safety plan, they are not necessarily convenient to be found in regular stores.

We offer a top line of fire fighting equipment and services in Malaysia, including fire blankets, that will greatly enhance your ability to manage and escape harm under the worst of circumstances.

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