Fire Extinguisher Refill Malaysia

For homes and buildings in Malaysia to be safe from the fire outbreaks, it is important to ensure the management and ownership of these structures learn fire extinguisher refill. It is a precautionary measure to ensure we are better prepared in case of an eventuality.

Typically, fire extinguishers are categorized depending on the type of agent used to fill them. For example, Class A extinguishers are filled using water/foam and dry powder extinguishers use just that; powder. It is important to determine the type of agent used since it dictates the refill method to be applied. The fire extinguisher class can easily be determined by reading the label on the extinguisher.

How to recharge a fire extinguisherfire extinguisher refill malaysia

Fire extinguisher refill involves filling it with a similar agent as indicated on the label and in some instances it may include emptying the remaining agent and refilling it a fresh.

In some cases, it could be cost effective to purchase a refilling unit in case you have a high number of fire extinguishers. For effectiveness, you need proper equipment, air compressor, training and agent.

However, sometimes it may be convenient to engage a professional Malaysian company like us to undertake the duty. This is because we have the necessary resources and cost efficient. It could be advisable that you contact your local fire department to determine if they offer this service and if they do not, they are better placed to guide you appropriately.

Regardless of whether you do it yourself or contract a third party, ensure the pressure gauge reads the appropriate figures. Typically, the extinguisher will be filled with the agent to a specified level and remaining air pressurized. This job will not be complete until the pressure reading is between 100 to 175 psi. Alternatively, ensure the gauge extends to the green zone as a sign of readiness for the job.

fire extinguisher refill malaysiaWhy and when to perform a fire extinguisher refill

Once you have used the extinguisher, whether wholly or partially, it is important to carry out fire extinguisher refill in preparation for a task.

Therefore, you will have to refill it even if just a small proportion was used. The idea behind this is to ensure that the extinguisher is fully operational at all times.

It may also be important to undertake a refill process during fire extinguisher maintenance. At this time, the agent would be expelled to determine the extinguishers’ powder expelling mechanism and functionality.

Pressure gauge readings will also be looked at during the routine maintenance exercise, and necessary repairs carried out.

During maintenance, to check the labels on the extinguishers for proper direction on how you can recharge the extinguishers.

In most cases, the instructions are straight forward and should be followed systematically. This is essential for the efficient unit operation and efficiency when a need arises.

After use, the extinguishers need to be discharged, inspected, cleaned, and recharged on a regular basis. You should at all times stay safe with an efficient and well-maintained fire extinguisher.

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