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Fire Extinguisher Training

fire extinguisher training malaysiaIt is important to know how to use a fire extinguisher to protect yourself and those around you. Fire extinguisher training in Malaysia is crucial for any residence or facility as they are an important part of a fire safety plan. Fire extinguishers are not effective unless people know how to use them correctly.

Anyone could find themselves in an emergency situation involving fire. Our training programs will help all the occupants or employees on the premises to become familiar with how a fire extinguisher works and the proper way to use it.

Live Fire Extinguisher Training for Everyone

Live training is the right choice. Asking people to read a pamphlet or watch a DVD can be boring, and it’s difficult to retain the information.

Training an entire group of people is best done by example with a qualified instructor conducting the classes. Each person in the class should have the personal experience of actually handling a fire extinguisher.

Should an emergency happen, people need to be able to quickly locate and employ a fire extinguisher without having to waste precious time reading a manual or puzzling through the right steps.

People who have had actual experience using one are far more likely to react instinctively, confidently, and correctly.

Dangers of Improper Use

If you aren’t using an extinguisher correctly you will have a problem fighting the flames, and that could endanger yourself or others.

People can even be injured by the extinguisher itself if it’s handled improperly. Indiscriminate spraying of chemicals or even water could do damage to surrounding objects without doing anything to reduce the fire. People also need to understand when a fire extinguisher is not going to get the job done and it’s time to retreat.

 Types of Fire

You should know what type of fire extinguisher is best suited to fight the different kinds of fire, such as grease, electrical, or upholstery fires, and how to identify the proper fire extinguisher for the job. Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher could actually make the situation worse.

For those who work around flammable chemicals, fuels, or other combustibles, it’s vital that they have fire extinguisher training to understand the different extinguisher types by recognizing the symbols they’re labeled with and which type of fire they’re suited to.

In industrial environments or even large office environments in Malaysia, every employee should receive live fire extinguisher training as the safety of personnel and the preservation of company assets could depend on their prompt response and effective action. Fire fighting measures such as sprinkler systems should only be depended as a last resort if fires cannot be initially be controlled with extinguishers, thus saving valuable resources.

New employees should undergo the same training, and it should be repeated periodically as a refresher so that everyone on the premises knows what to do to minimize the risks when fire breaks out. Live demonstration and hands-on experience in one of our classes is the best way to teach preparedness.

Every home or business should have at least one working fire extinguisher. All adults, especially in commercial environments or where there are elderly or handicapped people, should undergo live training that may save lives in an emergency.

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