Fire Fighting Training Malaysia

Fire Fighting Training for Communities and Fire Fighthersfire fighting training malaysia

An important part of  preparation is purchasing fire-fighting equipment and participating in fire-fighting training in Malaysia to use it properly.

Fires rank among the most destructive of natural disasters, resulting in the tragic loss of human life and devastating personal loss. It is estimated that 267,899 people lost their lives to fire last year.

That loss extends to both local economies and the global economy as well. Recent statistics show that every year, the cost of fires is equal to 1% of global GDP.

It’s more important than ever that individuals, businesses, communities and governments take steps to both prevent and prepare for potential fires.


Fire departments are often overwhelmed with simultaneous calls for help. Every home should be equipped with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a water hose reels in good condition. Fire fighting training for individuals should include education on various types of fires and the extinguishing agents required for each type.


Many smaller communities have volunteer fire fire fighting training malaysia
departments. Community organizations often hold fund-raising events to purchase vital protective gear and basic fire-fighting equipment. Ordinary citizens as well as volunteer and professional firefighters can benefit from fire fighting training.

Training consists of fire prevention techniques as well as instruction in how to handle hazardous materials and rescue tools such as extinguishers, axes and ladders.

Fire fighting training in Malaysia for volunteer fire departments usually includes EMT certification. (emergency medical technician) so that volunteers are able to assist medical personnel in treating life-threatening injuries in ambulances and emergency rooms.

Smoke inhalation, burns, and lacerations from falling materials are common injuries associated with fires.

fire fighting training malaysiaWhat a Fire Training consist

  1. Understanding the causes of fire
  2. Fire class identification
  3. Knowing the different types of extinguisher
  4. Learning steps to extinguish fires
  5. Fire fighting techniques
  6. Basic operations fire fighting equipment
  7. Learning the functions of a fire fighting team

Fire-fighting is a dangerous occupation, which is why it’s so important to have the right equipment. Advances in modern technology can also reduce the number of lives lost to fires. New flame-resistant materials and more effective fire-fighting structures are currently being developed.

The use of drones may be the newest useful tool in mankind’s age-old struggle to successfully control the life-altering power of fire. Governments worldwide are expected to increase their fire-fighting expenditures within the next decade to meet the challenge.

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