Fire Fighting Water Tank Malaysia

Fire Fighting Water Tank for All Locations and Building Types

A large fire is a scary and exhilarating event. A fire in a location where water or fire hydrants aren’t readily available is even more frightening. A fire fighting water tank for buildings in Malaysia is necessary when fighting a fire in a remote area where there is not easy access to large amounts of water. The tanks could also be helpful if there is low water pressure.

There are many benefits to a fire fighting water tank. They are expandable, easily accessible, have different capacities, and are durable.

  • Expandability- A tank that is easy to fire fighting water tank malaysiaset up and expand will make your job easier. We have the ability to design and create tanks for efficient usage of space.
  • Easily Accessible- The tanks are easily accessible for when the water is needed.
  • Large and Small Capacity Options- Depending on the size of the fire and area where the tank is kept, you may need a smaller or larger tank.
  • Durability- Our tanks are engineered to last and have a lifespan between ten and twenty years. The galvanized steel is a durable product that lasts.

Hot-dipped, Galvanized, Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tanks

These galvanized, pressed steel sectional water tanks can be customized to fit your needs because they are a modular design. Each tank is made bigger by adding new square panels. The galvanized steel panels are bolted together to fit the space you have available. Additionally, the panels are covered with red oxide on the outside of the tank.

The water tanks are both simple and cost effective for storing a large amount of water. They work well for places that are not appropriate for other bulk storage systems. They can be made with an open or closed top.

fire fighting water tank malaysiaFurthermore, it does not take very long to install one of these storage tanks since the sides are bolted together and then sealed with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and natural rubber tape or a non-toxic jointing compound.

The concrete base provides a secure structural platform for the fire fighting water tank. Furthermore, the tanks can be expanded or relocated since they are bolted together.

It is important that the water storage tanks do not need much maintenance or servicing.

The panels provide resistance to corrosion or deterioration. The strong lining of the tank will meet customer requirements since it is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance.

Our fire fighting water tanks are meant to last and we stand behind our product. We are able to meet your requirements and maintain Malaysian industry standards with our fire fighting water tanks.

At the scene of a fire, you don’t want to be worrying about finding and keeping water. Our personnel will provide the perfect solution for storing water, especially in rural areas. Whether you pump water into the tank from a natural water source or need a way to contain reserved water, a fire fighting water tank is your solution to storing a great deal of water at one time.

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