Fire Hose Reel Cabinet Malaysia

The available variety of fire safety and firefighting equipment in Malaysia makes it possible for you to prevent and mitigate fire damage in many situations. While you may be aware of more commonplace items such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, the presence of other less well-known items such as a fire hose reel cabinet can be crucial to your ability to protect your property.

Fire Hose Reel Cabinet for All Typesfire hose reel cabinet malaysia

One item that is not given much thought is the fire hose reel cabinet. Occupants and visitors of properties often pass by these cabinets and don’t give them a second look. To many, these unobtrusive hose reel cabinets are just a standard component of construction.

The reality is a fire hose reel cabinet is one of the first means of fighting a fire. Having these cabinets can have a huge impact on the amount of damage your property sustains.

A fire hose reel cabinet is more than just a cabinet. The equipment typically is purchased as a unit and includes:

  • Water Tap
  • Section of Hose
  • Reel to Store the Hose on
  • Nozzle
  • Instructions

fire hose reel cabinet malaysiaThe Components of a Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

You can purchase sheet metal cabinets that are wall-mounted or recessed. Doors are either solid or made of glass. With glass doors, the equipment may be easier to locate due to its visibility.

You can also purchase models that have locking doors or models with cam latches for access by anyone.

Another component of the cabinet is the water tap. The tap is a valve that you open to provide water for your firefighting efforts. Certain models also make it possible to produce foam. You can select the model that best suits your needs.

A section of hose is also included. The hose is semi-rigid making it easier to roll on and off the reel. With a length of 30 meters, you can calculate how many cabinets you’ll need to protect your property.

Fire hose reels are designed to effectively and efficiently store hoses. They are available in manual and automatic models. The reels are red and are easily visible. Instructions are provided on the reel so that even those inexperienced in their use are able to operate the equipment.

The hose tip makes it possible to more accurately direct the flow of the water or foam fire suppressant. By directing the suppressant at the base of the fire, you will be able to better control a fire.

You have an investment in your Malaysian property you need to protect. Property damage can occur for many reasons. When a fire occurs, professional firefighters are your best bet but, until they arrive, fire hose reel cabinets can play a vital role in putting the fire out and mitigating damages. While no one likes to think about the possibility of fire, installing fire hose reel cabinets might just be one of the smartest things you will ever do to protect your property.

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