Fire Hydrant System Malaysia

A fire hydrant system in Malaysia in terms of a building’s fire prevention system is a series of components designed to provide adequate water to firefighters. Design of the system is focused on maintaining a sufficient pressure to assure water flow.

Regulationsfire hydrant system malaysia

In most locations your local fire codes spell out the specific demands for a hydrant system that will meet the needs of fire brigades. Considerations include:

  • Type of fire hazard
  • Floor area
  • Building classification
  • Sprinkler systems in place
  • Local fire brigade operational guidelines.


Water Supply

A reliable source of water for the hydrant system is usually street mains and a static holding system such as a tank or reservoir with means of automatically adding water to allow for depletion.

Pipes and Valves

Distribution of the water requires a series of pipes at designated diameters to assure water flow and pressure. Control valves must be installed and located to direct the flow of water.

The booster assembly is an inlet allowing fire brigades to attach lines in case additional water is needed. It is located so as to be accessible to fire fighters while affording some protection, typically mounted in a secure cabinet.

Booster Pumps

When it has been determined that the water supply or pressure cannot be maintained, additional pump sets may be required.


The “hydrant” is the name for the endpoints throughout the building which firefighters can connect to. As different diameters of couplings may be used in by different fire brigades from place to place, it’s common to attach adapters to accommodate the hoses local fire fighters will use.

Lay-flat Hose

Some regulations may stipulate that you must also provide lay-flat hoses at each hydrant. This is a flexible hose and nozzle that can be compactly stored and available for immediate use.

fire hydrant system malaysiaBlock Plan

Most regulations require the posting of a “block plan” which is a diagram of the fire hydrant system.

This is located in the booster cabinet firefighters will attach to in order to assist them in becoming familiar with the system’s piping, valve location, capacities, and other information.


When not in use the system is kept charged with pressurized water, but as soon as a valve is opened that pressure is liable to drop.

This is detected by a pressure switch which can activate booster pumps to increase the pressure available. During a fire the firefighters may provide their own water sources and pumps to optimize performance. Often this is achieved by connecting the fire engine pump to another water supply.


A fire hydrant system will require periodic inspections and testing to ensure it will meet standards in the event of a fire. Our Malaysian fire fighting company can provide inspection services, maintenance, and a wide variety of products that help you get the most from your hydrant system, including nozzles, hose reels, sprinkler systems, and more. Our experts can guide you in the design of new or expanded systems to ensure that they meet fire codes and are ready to meet any fire emergency.

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