Fire Rated Roller Shutter Malaysia

Fire Rated Roller Shutter for Fire Containment

A fire rated roller shutter in Malaysia is an ideal device to add to the fire protection strategy in your business. These fire shutters can be used in conjunction with sprinkler systems, smoke detectors and fire alarms to make sure your building is as safe as possible from the threat of fire. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of adding some fire rated roller shutters to your building.

Keep the Fire Under Control

The main benefit of a fire shutter is that it will fire rated roller shutter malaysiahelp to keep a fire compartmentalized if it breaks out in your building. When the fire breaks out and the shutter comes down, the fire will be trapped behind the shutter.

While the fire is trapped behind the shutter, it allows time for the building to be evacuated.

In addition, keeping the fire compartmentalized in the manner limits the damage it can cause. It allows fire fighters to more easily put out the blaze as well.

When the firefighters know that the fire is trapped in a certain area thanks to the shutters, they can more quickly and safely move through the building to ensure that the fire is contained and everyone is evacuated.

Different Levels of Protection

A nice thing about these fire rated roller shutters is that they come in many different configurations. This allows you to customize the fire protection in your building. You can chose the level of protection you need with your shutters. They come in three main protection levels, depending on how long they are designed to stand up to a fire. There are one-hour, two-hour and four-hour shutters.

Deciding on which of these three types of shutters to use in your building really depends on your business. A simple office without any hazardous materials will probably be fine with the lowest level of protection. However, a building that is home to lots of flammable chemicals will obviously want a higher level of protection like a four-hour fire rated roller shutter.

Twin Skins

fire rated roller shutter malaysiaYou can also choose how much radiant heat protection you want with your shutter doors. If the fire reaches a high temperature, it is possible to feel lots of radiant heat coming through a single-skin fire door. However, you can go with a twin-skin shutter model that will block the radiant heat as well as the fire.

A bonus with these twin-skinned shutter doors is that they also offer great noise reduction as well. This comes in handy in loud businesses. You can simply shut a twin-skinned shutter door to get some peace and quiet.

Automatic Shutters

You can also choose from automatic or manual fire rated roller shutter doors. Most people like to go with automatic models, which can be tied in with the smoke alarms to automatically deploy if a fire is detected in the building.

These fire shutters offer tremendous safety features. They are a great addition to any building’s fire protection plan. Adding some fire shutter doors to your business is a great way to beef up your fire safety. We are a Malaysian company that will be able to supply such to your business.

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