Fire Safety Equipment Supplier Malaysia

I-Gen Resources is a Malaysian company that specializes in supplying firefighting equipment with great a deal delivering high quality goods and excellent after sales service. We provide equipment servicing and maintenance, consultation, designing, installation and fire safety training. We are a one stop solution center for all firefighting requirements. I-Gen Resources has provided expertise to major commercial, industrial, government and residential locations.

We are registered with fire fighting professional bodies such as the National Fire Protection Agency, Fire Department and Malaysia Fire Protection Agency. Our employees are always sent for professional training to further refine their skills and to update with new techniques and equipment to combat fire.

As a fire safety equipment supplier, our goal is to supply our customers with the finest products that promote safety and security. We have the latest solutions that will ensure any home or commercial space has the tools for dealing with fire safety, and protecting life and property under almost any circumstance you could imagine. From residential and commercial installations to professional firefighting, this is the place to get what you need.

Fire Emergency Lightsfire safety equipment

Fire emergency lights are required by law in commercial and business spaces. These devices should be self-powered. Fires can take out the power, smoke can make it difficult to see and you want all exit strategies to stay in play.

Systems have to be clearly located and visible. Exit signs, LED, beacons, as well as full systems that can include sirens and speakers are available.

Smoke Curtains

Smoke curtains add another layer of security in case of fire, diverting smoke and minimizing potential inhalation, a significant factor in fire fatalities.

When you use the right fire safety equipment supplier, smoke curtains increase safety, flexibility in emergencies and alliance with legislation. Expect our services to provide everything from initial counsel to follow up and maintenance.

Fire Extinguishers

The major distinctions among fire extinguishers are size and type. And though they say bigger is better, it’s also heavier. Buying one that you can’t manage is a waste of time and dangerous. Pay more upfront and have a rechargeable unit or spend over time replacing units that expire, even if you never use them. Let us help you make the best decisions about fire extinguishers. Our inventory includes accessories like fire extinguisher supply cabinets and inspections.

Fire Hose Reels

It’s important hoses are stored properly and never tangle when needed. A hose reel organizes your spaces and increases worker safety. Choices have to based on application and pressure requirements, as well as inside diameters of hoses and fittings. Your fire safety equipment supplier will give the complete 411 on hoses and hose reels.

fire safety equipment supplier malaysiaFire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems fall under codes of the NFPA. They are generally used by industrial companies that utilize heavy power equipment.

The systems use a range of wet agents and/or dry chemicals to cut a fire off before it can do significant damage. But installing the wrong system will make things worse.

Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire hydrant systems use powerful pumps to boost fire fighting capacity. They can be tank fed or increase pressure in any existing hydrant facilities. Fire hydrant systems are also used as irrigation solutions and for water transfer.

Water Tanks

From portable and collapsible to standard water tanks, our inventory can fill commercial, professional and volunteer firefighting specifications, as well as supply all the accessories you’d need to keep it running. We’ll make sure you get the resources you need that align with regional requirements.

Trust that working with a fire safety equipment supplier like us will lead to unsurpassed customer service, exceptional pricing and a top selection of tools and resources.

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