Fire Sprinkler System Malaysia

Types of Fire Sprinkler System

Local regulations in Malaysia often require that commercial buildings have some protection in case of fire or smoke. Having a sprinkler system installed is an effective solution. There are various types of fire sprinkler system for different applications, so it’s best to know which is most suitable for your environment.

Pre-action systemfire hydrant system malaysia

This kind of fire sprinkler system is filled with air, but water is allowed to pass through when fire or smoke alarms are activated. In a pre-action system, there are two triggers in order to start water flowing.

Pre-action systems have the benefit that they can be set to prevent water from passing through the sprinklers in the event of false alarms or non-fire causes of smoke, such as mechanical or electrical issues, or industrial processes such as welding.

This is a good system to have in place if there is equipment or other valuables that could be damaged from accidental water spray, such as data centers or libraries.

Deluge System

A foam deluge system is triggered by alarms like smoke or heat detectors. A deluge system also has open nozzles which can be put in use whenever a hazard is detected, for instance when flammable liquids are spreading across the floor. Larger areas such as industrial parks,, warehouses, or facilities with multiple fuel tanks typically have deluge sprinkler systems.

Dry Pipe

A dry pipe system resembles a pre-action system in that there is pressurized air in the pipes which must escape before water is released. This causes a delay before the fire sprinkling system goes to work, but is suitable for cold environments where leaving stagnant water in the pipes could cause damage to the system through freezing. If the delay is not acceptable, there is a quick-release tool to expel the air and speed up water flow.

fire hydrant system malaysiaWet Pipe

A wet pipe fire sprinkler system always has water ready to release. This allows for a quicker response when a fire starts, and is the most common type of sprinkler system installed.

This is usually the type chosen for high-rises or office complexes with multiple floors. This type of sprinkler is easily maintained and cost efficient.


Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Fire codes require that a fire sprinkler system be inspected regularly for public safety. Inspections will include alarm testing, water flow and pressure, and control valve function. Visual inspection is also done to see that all sprinkler heads and piping are corrosion-free, correctly oriented, supported, and have proper clearance so as to fight fire effectively yet not interfere with traffic or lighting when there is an emergency. All valves should be clearly marked and sealed, and system calibration tests are up to date.

Fire Sprinkler Testing

Regular inspection and testing ensures that your sprinkler system remains in top condition and ready to function in an emergency. Most alarms in modern Malaysian systems will also alert the local fire department, which must be verified. This also involves plumbing and drain inspection so that there will be adequate water volume in case of fire.

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