Fireman Intercom System Malaysia

Communication between firefighters is one of the most crucial aspects of containing and suppressing fires. This communication needs to be instant and effective. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to install a fireman intercom system for any building structure in Malaysia.

When buildings are outfitted with fireman intercom systems, it allows our firefighters to instantly change their plans to fight a fire. This can be a life-saving component of a fire response, which means every business owner should consider installing an intercom system in their building as part of a fire safety plan.

The Advantages of Fireman Intercom Systemsfireman intercom system malaysia

Older models of fireman intercom systems worked via cables, which allowed for instant communication between our Malaysian firefighters. However, cable connections have several disadvantages.

If any of the wires are damaged during a fire, it can instantly silence communication.

They also limit communication between fire responders to rooms outfitted with the wires bringing in the signal.

On the other hand, the new generation of fireman intercom systems use wireless methods to facilitate easier communication between firefighters.

This offers a number of benefits that make wireless intercom systems far superior to the older wired models.

The first advantage is the lack of wires that can be damaged. No matter how fiercely a blaze burns, it cannot damage wires if there are none there. That means that wireless intercom systems will keep communication between firefighters up and running in situations where wired intercom systems would break down.

In addition, perhaps the most valuable aspect of wireless fireman intercom systems is the freedom of mobility that they offer. Being freed from the tether of wired communication methods means that firefighters are much more capable of coordinating their efforts without worrying about where they are moving around the building. This is one less hassle, and fewer hassles equal means effective firefighters.

fireman intercom system malaysiaDECT vs. Bluetooth

There are two main types of wireless intercom systems. One type uses DECT communication, and the other type uses Bluetooth.

Most people are familiar with Bluetooth because so many different types of devices use it, including things like stereos, wireless phones and baby monitors.

Because it is used by so many types of devices, Bluetooth is not the ideal type of intercom system for firefighting.

Instead, firefighting teams will prefer to utilize intercom systems that operate with the DECT protocol.

DECT is a section of bandwidth that is reserved specifically for voice communication. This means that it is much less cluttered than the Bluetooth spectrum, which means DECT intercom systems are much less likely to suffer from interference than Bluetooth systems.

Other Considerations

While some people may be tempted to install an ordinary intercom system in their buildings, it is important to install a fireman intercom system specifically designed for firefighting.

These fireman wireless intercom systems are the ideal method for communication in fires, and they are designed to stand up to the extreme conditions present in fires. To offer maximum safety for firefighters, installing a fireman intercom system is the best way to go.

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