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Foam Deluge System for High Fire RiskĀ Areasfoam deluge system malaysia

A foam deluge system is typically used where damage from water spray is to be avoided, such as around liquid

The chemical sprayed onto the fire becomes foam which cools the burning liquid and smothers the flames.

A deluge system is similar to other types of sprinkler system except that the chemical is released through open discharge devices rather than spray heads.

This fire suppression system is activated by smoke or heat detectors and releases a flood of foam instantly from an open sprinkler, nozzle, or foam generator.

The piping system is not pressurized but offers quick and safe means of fire protection. Foam systems are designed for fire prevention wherever flammable liquids are used:

  • Chemical Facilities
  • Fuel-processing Plant
  • Power Plants
  • Aircraft Hangars

Foam-Water Sprinkler System

This is a type of fire protection system that’s connected to both a source of foaming chemicals and to a supply of water. This allows discharge of the foaming agent and discharge of water. Flow from the water supply is controlled by a valve activated by automatic fire detectors installed near the sprinkler heads.

When active, foam concentrate is injected into the water to combine and be released as foam. When the supply of foam concentrate is exhausted, water discharge continues until the system is manually shut off.

These systems can be altered so there the water sprays first, or for specified periods of foam injection. Existing water deluge sprinkler systems can be converted for use as foam-water systems.

foam deluge system malaysiaTypes of Foam Concentrate

Various types of foaming chemicals may be used, depending on the substances and application where it will be installed:

  • Aqueous film-forming
  • Film-forming fluoroprotein
  • Alcohol-resistant- used on caustic liquids which might be destructive to other types of foam.
  • Fluoroprotein foam
  • Synthetic foam materials

Each system is designed for a specific need and different foam concentrates should not be mixed together.


Design of a Foam Deluge System

Foam-water systems are typically designed to work at a specified pressure and discharge rate for a total discharge time usually not less than 60 minutes. A minimum density of foam-water solution is necessary to be effective, but higher densities may be employed depending on the system, foam used, and intended purpose.

The foam solution should be designed for a minimum discharge of 10 minutes duration, though this can be reduced for heavier foam concentrations or smaller areas of coverage.

Spray heads should be arranged so that each covers an area of at least 9 square meters, or spaced about 4 meters apart when installed along branch lines.

Other considerations must be made for occupancy traffic, ceiling/spray head height, ambient and fire temperatures, and other factors for each given situation.

A foam deluge system must be properly designed, installed, and maintained to be effective. Our technicians have expert skills in these areas, and we sell a variety of products to service or upgrade existing systems. We can also provide inspection services to ensure your system is up-to-date and in compliance with local fire codes.

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