Photoelectric Smoke Detector Malaysia

A photoelectric smoke detector is what the name describes. It is a mechanical device that is able to sense smoke which is typically the first sign of a fire for any home or office in Malaysia.

Unlike commercial smoke detectors which usually send a signal to a fire station, the purpose of the home smoke detectors is to arouse the occupants with a loud noise in time for them to make a safe exit from the threatened house.

In a forensic journal, the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia attended an estimated 33,640 fires in 2013, averaging to 92 cases a day. 2013 was also noted as having the highest recorded fire cases since 2007 with an upward trend towards that year.  As high as they figures appear to be, the death and injury rate would have been far greater if it weren’t for the enforced use of smoke-detector devices in homes.

Types of Detectors heat detector malaysia

There are two primary types of home smoke detectors. One type contains ionization sensors, the other photoelectric sensors. Since each type of smoke detectors reacts to different types of fires, dual sensor alarms which utilize both types of sensors have become popular in recent years.

Both types have two basic parts. One is the sensor that detects smoke and the other is the loud electronic alarm. Both can run off 9-volt batteries or the 120-volt house current.

This article examines the photoelectric smoke detector and its advantages and proper usage.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The photoelectric type of smoke detector contains a source of light within the light-sensitive electric sensor. The light source shoots a beam across the core of the detector toward sensors that are positioned at a 90-degree angle from each other. When operating normally, the light beam and sensors are positioned so that the beam intentionally miss the sensors.

When smoke enters the device, it causes the light particles to defuse and scatter and hit the sensors. This action triggers the alarm and the resulting noise is blasted through the house.

Advantages of a Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The photoelectric type of smoke detectors usually photoelectric smoke detector malaysiarespond to the early, smoldering stage of a fire. This early warning before the fire actually erupts in flames not only gives the residents a better chance of escaping the fire but also gives them time to fight the fire before it gets out of hand

The largest firefighting union in the United States and Canada is the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). This group recommends using only photoelectric smoke detectors.

Their studies found that the technology used in ionization smoke detectors causes a delayed warning with smoldering fires. The delay until flames actually erupt can lead to greater loss of life and property, they claim.

The study also showed that photoelectric detectors work better in high airflow environments than ionization detectors. This means that a relayed warning alarm could even take longer.

They also found that photoelectric smoke alarms are less susceptible to nuisance alarms than ionization alarms. Is is recommended that homeowners replace any ionize and dual smoke alarms with photoelectric smoke alarms.

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