Portable Fire Extinguisher Malaysia

Because fire is an ever-present threat, every business in Malaysia should have at least one easily accessible, functional portable fire extinguisher. These safety devices are designed to extinguish small fires and contain larger ones so that you can safely exit the area. All fire extinguishers are labeled using a standardized alphabetical- and color-coding system.

This enables you to quickly determine the type of suppressant contained inside the canister and the type of fire it is designed to fight. In order to purchase the appropriate fire extinguisher, you must determine the types of fire that your organization is most likely to experience.

Types of Firesportable fire extinguisher malaysia

Class A: Ordinary combustibles, such as wood, paper, cardboard and cloth as well as solid plastic

Class B: Flammable liquids like gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel as well as oil-based paint, solvents and grease

Class C: Flammable gases, such as butane, methane and propane

Class D: Metals like lithium, aluminum, magnesium and sodium

Class E: Electrical equipment like computers, microwaves and televisions as well as electrical sockets

Class F: Kitchen fires involving commercial cooking oils and deep-fat fryers

Types of Fire Suppressant

Each type of portable fire extinguisher is rated to handle one or more types of fire. In addition to the letter designating the type of fire that an extinguisher is designed to combat, color codes indicate the fire suppressant contained inside the canister.

portable fire extinguisher malaysiaRed Stripe: Air-pressurized water that is suitable only for Type A fires. Water will spread grease, electrical and Class D fires.

Yellow Stripe: Foam chemical extinguishers are designed for Type A and Type B fires. This extinguisher has a limited ability to fight Type F fires.

Black Stripe: Carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguishers are appropriate for Type B and E fires. These extinguishers cannot be used in confined spaces because the CO2 displaces the available oxygen.

Light Blue Stripe: Dry powder fire extinguishers are the most versatile. They are rated to combat Type A, B, C and E fires. While they have a limited ability to fight Type F fires, they are not rated for Type D fires.

Dark Blue Stripe: These special dry powder portable extinguishers are rated for only Type D fires.

Choosing the Correct Type of Portable Fire Extinguisher

Newer model extinguishers are often designed to be used on several different types of fires. As a result, it may have several letter- and color-coded designations on the label indicating the types of fires that the model can handle. It is vital to know that using the wrong type of fire extinguisher can be life threatening.

As a result, your organization may need to have more than one type of portable fire extinguisher available based on the types of fire threat that you are likely to experience.

Employees should receive training that includes the coding system, the proper use of the safety device and how to determine when it is safe to use an extinguisher. For more information on selecting the correct portable fire extinguisher for your particular situation, contact our office in Malaysia

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