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Often the most dangerous element in a fire is not the flames themselves, but the amount of smoke released. It can be not only blinding and choking, which interfere with rescue and escape attempts, but the inhalation of the carbon monoxide which smoke contains can incapacitate or kill.  A smoke curtain for buildings in Malaysia can be deployed in the event of a fire to form a barrier limiting the spread of fire and smoke.

Advantages of Smoke Curtainssmoke curtain malaysia

This is usually applied at vital escape and fire-fighting junctures like elevators, stairwell entrances, and similar locations.

It is typically made of flexible, fire-resistant, transparent panels which allow movement and line of sight but effectively restrict airflow which can spread smoke and feed fires.

Smoke can also do costly damage to furniture, carpeting, and other items which can be minimized by placement of smoke curtains.

Smoke Curtain Use

Smoke curtains can be fixed or manually operated but these days are usually activated through automation as part of a comprehensive fire-control system in response to a fire alarm alert.

An automatic smoke curtain is deployed through an electric motor which rolls out a retracted curtain along a track or guide in the ceiling when activated by a smoke alarm system.

Automatic smoke curtains operate as an integral part of a fire control system and are deployed at various points automatically when the fire suppression system becomes active. This may include emergency power supplies or batteries to ensure their operation, as well as sensors which allow them to interface with a central fire systems control panel.

Automatic smoke curtains are used when a fixed curtain would impede normal traffic or is otherwise visually unacceptable. Some curtains are designed exclusively for protecting a specific area or pathway from being filled with smoke, but others are also rated as fire barriers. Often smoke curtains are arranged so as to limit and channel smoke to areas where it can be pumped outside by emergency ventilation systems.

smoke curtain malaysiaTall Buildings

In the case of high-rise buildings, the only avenue for those evacuating the building and for fire fighters entering to combat the fire is inner stairwells.

But using the stairwells from multiple floors usually means that many stair access doors are opened, allowing smoke to fill the stairwell.

This is especially worrisome for those who have to descend from upper floors. This is where smoke curtains are invaluable, as it provides free flow of traffic while improving visibility and limiting the spread of smoke.

Our smoke curtain products and services help in the design and implementation of a safe system for preventing the movement of smoke and heat.

They form a physical barrier assuring a protected zone where occupants can move safely and fire fighters can travel from point to point without restriction to combat the fire and aid those trying to escape.


As local Malaysian building codes and technologies continue to change, we try to keep our products up-to-date as well as providing design and inspection services to help keep your premises safe.

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