Smoke Detector Malaysia

Smoke Detector as a Fire Safety Importance

The installation of smoke detectors should be on the top of your list, whether you are protecting your home or your business. In a home, smoke alarms usually give an audible beep or alarm when smoke is detected. In a commercial environment, the smoke detector should be connected to a fire control panel that will send an alert to an emergency monitoring system.

How Smoke Detectors Worksmoke detector malaysia

A smoke detector is typically a shape round disc, roughly 6 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches deep.

While the size and shape may vary, the basics are pretty much the same, detecting smoke either optically, physically or both.

Because of the different ways the two processes work, we often recommend that you have both types of detectors installed.

• Optical smoke alarms use a photoelectric eye to “see” smoke particles.
• Physical alarms use ionization to detect particles, registering a difference in the air which may be due to smoke.
• Optical alarms are sensitive to fires when they are in the early smoldering state.
• Physical alarms are more sensitive to fires when they are already blazing.

For a Large Environment
Typically, smoke alarms in large environments such as residential buildings, industrial work areas, and commercial businesses are powered by a central alarm system which, in turn, is powered by the building’s power and includes a battery backup.

We can help you determine the right number and placing of alarms around your facility. For instance, if you have an area where employees tend to smoke even though you don’t allow it, we can set up very sensitive alarms that will be set off with cigarette smoke.

smoke detector malaysiaFor a Domestic Environment
Most homes will have individual units that are battery-powered and installed around the house. Each unit will have its own power supply, typically a 9-volt battery.

It is also possible to install detectors that are linked together and run off the house’s main power supply.

As with a commercial installation, there would be a battery backup with the house wired circuitry monitoring the backup battery’s remaining power. Most home installations made by the homeowner are ionization detectors, for several reasons.

  • Ionization smoke alarms are cheaper to manufacture and therefore cheaper to buy.
  • Physical alarms have a test button that simulates the ionization imbalance used to detect smoke. The alarm will sound if all parts of the detector are in proper working order.
  • The current used by an ionization detector is very small, allowing it to be powered stand-alone for months or even years. The battery is monitored by the detector and when close to being discharged, the detector will emit an intermittent beep.

Most deaths from fires happen because there is no working smoke alarm on the premises. Additionally, alarms need to be placed in the right locations. For instance, ionization alarms should not be placed in or near a kitchen because they are very sensitive to the type of smoke given off by cooking food, resulting in a nuisance false alarm. Properly placed smoke detectors can literally save your life, no matter what the environment. Call us as your professional assistance to make sure your smoke alarm installation is done correctly.

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