Wet Riser System Malaysia

The outbreak of fire in either a commercial or domestic setting can have fatal consequences, but is almost always costly. Luckily, modern technology has made significant advances in fire-fighting solutions than can efficiently extinguish dangerous fires. In commercial or public environments in Malaysia there are typically two kinds of systems in use: a dry chemical or wet chemical system.

There are different substances that can fuel a fire even within the same environment, so fire fighting systems often can’t rely on just one chemical. Fires will behave differently depending on the cause and the material that’s burning, as well as what’s applied to suppress the flames.

wet chemical system malaysia

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

This type of system is normally used in industrial settings where products or equipment which are sensitive to water, and particularly at sites where there’s no water.

The chemicals are dry and non-conductive so they’re safe to use on fuels or electric fires. It usually a powder type of extinguisher.


Wet Chemical System

A wet chemical fire suppression system is the more common approach. It is the type normally used in restaurants and other commercial kitchens. This method is more suited to cooking fires that can ignite from hot oil or grease. At cooler room temperatures they are seldom volatile.

When they become over-heated and burst into flame, the liquid suppression system can be sprayed in fine droplets over a wider area, immediately cooling the grease or other fuel and dampening the flames. The cooling effect brings the affected substance to below its ignition temperature, helping to both suppress the flames and prevent re-ignition.

wet chemical system malaysiaHow it Works

It’s preferred use in commercial kitchens is due in large part to its quick effect on the fire. When the chemical used (a potassium carbonate solution) comes into contact with hot oils, grease, or melted fats, it reacts to form a foam which both cools the burning liquid.

This foam also helps to prevent splashing of the hot liquid and possible damage to surroundings. It also forms a soapy layer on top of the grease or fats that helps to smother the fire by depriving it of oxygen.

Installation of a Wet Chemical System

Installing a fixed fire suppression system in busy industrial kitchens requires extensive training and experience. Our highly trained staff has experience at installing these systems with a minimal disruption to business.

We can also inspect and maintain these systems so that they are ready and respond effectively if fire breaks out during cooking activity at your catering or restaurant business.

The Right Fire Suppression

We can help in designing and installing the right fire suppression system for you. A wet chemical system is an early detection preventive solution that is especially designed for commercial kitchens. It can potentially save lives (and business operations) from the disastrous results of common cooking fires that get out of hand. It’s vital to have the right system in place for your environment, and functioning properly.

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